Property Acquisition

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With so many options on the market, it’s hard to know what’s available, who by and what areas to invest in. These are common challenges investors face.

Through the MPAI due diligence process and our feasibility studies expertise, investors are assisted to differentiate between different types of developments. We help you identify and analyse your options. From site selection, project selection, development funding or to help an investor secure an individual investment unit, we are able to support you through the entire journey.

We are more than licensed Real Estate Agents. With MPAI you have the best chance of becoming a savvy investor with a team that can assists with research and negotiations from inception to settlement. It does not stop there. Post settlement, we further assist with asset management and portfolio reviews.

We are your gateway to the entire Melbourne market. MPAI looks forward to helping you make astute investment decisions whether you are taking your first step into the market or already have an extensive portfolio.


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