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MPAI are Licensed Real Estate Agents & Property Investment Specialists.

MPAI are Independent Property Advisors & Licensed Real Estate Agents who specialise in representing “you” the buyer in taking the educated approach towards investing in the Melbourne market. We start by assessing the current structure of your financial position and work with you from the ground up to build a strong foundation for future growth of an investment portfolio.

We work alongside Melbourne’s best Developers and Financial Planners to design an investment strategy that compliments you as an individual, from an Owner Occupier to an Investor we will source, negotiate & finalise any new property investment in the Melbourne market.



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I came to owning an investment property quite late in life and because of this I had heard of many disasters,disappointments and regrets from people who had bought investment properties. So I was a little concerned about the process and how I would manage it. Fortunately I was introduced to Suzi Antic and all my worries disappeared. She walked me through the process at my speed, showing me various properties giving me tons of great advice along the way. Suzi organized a wonderful agent and even helped me with my property owners insurance! Nothing was too much trouble and she was a absolute pleasure to deal with. I’m about to add another apartment to my portfolio that was bought off the plan. I honestly think anyone who is a little nervous about buying a property would be very lucky to have Suzi Antic advising them. Suzi feels free to change anything and put my age 61 if you feel it will help. All heartfelt by the way. Cheers.

Maria Bell

MPAI were so easy to work with. “As an owner occupier I wanted to find a property that was in my budget & in the Suburb that I wanted to live in and MPAI took care of the whole process, they negotiated with the developer, assisted in the legal process and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. it was so easy, fun & most of all exciting”
I have now settled into the property and enjoying every moment of it!

Marlene Roux

We would like to Thank Suzi and MPAI for a very professional and seamless transaction as my buyers advocate for my purchase of an investment property.
Suzi has a very thorough understanding of the industry and is very capable of scoping out the right property based on one’s financial ability which takes out a lot of the noise that is created by real-estate agents.
We are also very impressed with Suzi’s post sales follow up’s and updates with the progress of the property and deal as our off the plan property has taken more than 15 months from when the deal was initiated to when we settled. These updates have been very helpful through the process.
We would highly recommend MPAI and we will certainly be using their services when we are looking to invest in property again as it saves us a plenty of time, energy and resources.

Siddhart Sanyal


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